“You don’t have to prove who the character is in 10 scenes. You have months and months to develop her. You are not forced to figure out how you are going to communicate everything in an hour. In that way, I love doing TV,” “I didn’t overthink it. Sometimes you just have to go with life and see what happens.” – On her marriage to Australian stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen.

“I looked at every kind of documentary or film I could watch on the subject. I talked to GFEs, and I got to Skype with one of the girls.” – On her preparation for her first tv. series The Girlfriend Experience. 

“I think I’ve spent most of my life traveling and living in different places growing up that I don’t particularly get homesick. I actually think I prefer moving around a lot. But the hardest thing for me is definitely being away from family and people I love. It can make relationships difficult as well.’ – Packing With Riley Keough – 2013”  

” I have always wanted to do something in film. Modeling was just a way to make a bit of extra money, but I knew eventually I wanted to do something in film, never even necessarily acting.”  The Interview by The Blond & The Brunette – June 2012

“I love doing photo shoots, though. I’d say I don’t see myself as an actual model, but more as someone who does shoots- I like to do both photo shoots and acting.” – Hunger Magazine interview, 2013

“(Points at different tattoos on her body.) This is the Led Zeppelin symbol. These dots, we got after “Mad Max.” Then, this is my birthday on the Mayan calend ar. This is the tattoo I have of my dad. The tattoo on my foot is—my husband and I got it in Australia and before we were married. We were just drinking beer at the beach and went, let’s get a tattoo! Then, we got married.” Inquirer.net interview,  June 2016.

“I’ve always been fascinated by life after death, and that was the subject matter of the film. There are not a lot of films on that subject, and it’s something I think about often, probably every day.” On her next movie Discovery.